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5 Ways To Stay Positive When Miserable People Are All Around You
Article By: Kari Farmer

Trying to be positive and happy around miserable people can be a challenge that sometimes deserves an award just for being there. Like the day you walk into work actually excited about it and feeling good until your coworkers begin talking about how they work too hard for too little and none of you are ever going to get a raise and that they are pretty sure you will all be let go soon without warning. Or when you have that very exciting and happy news to tell your close family members or friends and once you tell them, expecting joy and happiness from them, they only question your thought process and make you feel bad for every sharing your news in the first place. So the next time you encounter an individual or a group of miserable and negative people try these tricks to help you maintain your positive outlook.

 1. Hold on to your happy feeling - Remember what you were feeling so good about in the first place or even draw from other things that make you feel good. Really feel the happiness that comes from those thoughts and no one will be able to pop your bubble of positivity that is surrounding you.

2. Appreciate it and turn away- Acknowledge the fact that you have identified their negativity. That act alone means that you can separate between being negative and being positive. Then pivot away from that energy and realize that you are doing something good for yourself, which is not letting in the negative.

3. Turn their negativity into your positivity - Have a sense of humor about it all. Try to cheer them up and be willing to laugh at yourself when you fail. See their negativity for the silliness it is and if you can show them how silly their worries really are than be happy that you were able to show them that.

4. Feel good that you can see more positive in their lives than they can - The very fact that you can recognize their negatives when they can not, puts you into a different energy vibration all together. This helps you to see how awesome your positive outlook is and how much better you feel about your life than they do. Relish the feeling of happiness you get and remember the empty feeling of negativity that they have which comes with their outlook.

5. Stop it in its tracks - If you have to be in the situation and hang out with someone who is being miserable then do not let the parade of negativity continue. Let them know that you have a different outlook on the subject they are talking about. You can try to tell them your view point and how what they are talking about is not as bad as it seems but if they do not want to see any good in it, believe me they wont, and it will just heat up their point of view. So tell them bluntly that you would rather talk about something else or nothing at all if they continue with their rant. In most cases this should work and may even take them out of their negativity long enough to help them feel good.

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5 Ways To Stay Positive When Miserable People Are All Around You

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Focus on the Solutions, Not the Problems
Article By: Sue McCrossin

It is truly empowering to expand your focus beyond the problems to the small things you do that tend to make things better in your life.

When You Focus on the Solution, You Become Expert in What Works:
When you focus on the problems, you become an expert on your ineffectiveness and unhappiness. Focus on what isn't working creates discouragement and undermines your confidence and self-esteem. When you switch your focus to your small successes, you become an expert on the choices you make that can improve your life.
Think Small:
True lasting change occurs in tiny increments practiced over time until they become new habits. Slightly larger successes build on previous wins. Gradually, winning habits of thought and behavior get established and become the new norm. Life is made of little things. You make thousands of choices throughout the day - choices about how you act or react, choices about how you think or view the circumstances of your life. Most of us are not aware of the choices we make. We just act.

How to Become an Expert on the Solutions:
First identify problem areas in your life that you'd like to change:
  • It drives you crazy when your spouse does those same things you've been complaining about for years.
  • You'd like to shed a few pounds.
  • Sometimes you're late paying your bills because they get lost in those mountains of mail on your dining room table.

The first step toward becoming an expert on the solutions is becoming curious about alternative choices you may never have considered before. Consider what you might do differently to impact on these situations.

Lasting transformation occurs through the aggregate of these small actions repeated over time. By focusing on the solutions - choices you can make to improve the situation - rather than getting stuck on what isn't working in your life, you bring about lasting positive change. By the third or fourth session, my clients become expert at answering the 'different and better' question.

Original Article URL: Focus on the Solutions, Not the Problems

Jeannette Samanen is the author of the article "Focus on the Solutions, Not the Problems" which focuses on the solution rather than problems.
Solution Focused Coaching provided by Dr. Jeannette Samanen helps you to achieve your goals of life. Read more on Focus on the Solutions, Not the Problems..


Self Improvement. Only You May Make The Turn For The better
Article By: John Ferryman

There are many self development wares on the interweb in today's times. I've purchased many of them over time all in a pursuit to seek out anything that hopefully will provide a magic switch to being successful. Anything that I can pick up today, read or listen to and tomorrow reap unbelievable rewards. But it doesn't materialise like that. I've been applying such wares for quit some time and while there are the odd few that work I have yet to find any that genuinely bring about any sustained transformation. That may be until now. Now there is no hyperlink within this article directing you to buy this, it is a responsible appraisal. I just have to express that Paul Mckenna's "I can Change Your Life In 7 Days" is not simply a great read but practicable and applicable. All the more important it works. The book covers just how individuals grow to be prosperous in life, not just in financial terms but the total spectrum of ones life from relationships to business. There are core lessons and specialist methods that can think and before you say it, no it isn't modern mumbo jumbo nor magic. Maybe the name of this book is really somewhat ambitious and I'm speculating it had been preferred for sales. But if you can look beyond the "7 days" this book can actually do a lot more for you. It teaches you tips on how to run your own brain, develop bags of confidence in yourself as well as your capabilities. Have charge of your feelings and turn into the person you recognize you can still become. If you'd like to produce a change inside your life and especially if you have been a serial purchaser of self development wares then get this book and forget about purchasing anything else, with the exception perhaps some of the others in the Paul Mckenna range. Personally I found the book aided hugely in boosting my confidence. I've never really lacked confidence whenever what I was doing was something that I was familiar with. My dilemmas invariably seemed to develop as soon as I was taken out of my comfort zone. I would pour with perspiration and have that contracting knot in my stomach that usually lead to a feeling of weakness. Now however I find I'm in a position to handle my stress responses because of the strategies that you are shown. You couple the reading and the strategies you learn using a hypnotic CD. This CD works it's magic on you, but if you don't apply the strategies in the book then it's probable your achievements will probably be significantly diminished. Many individuals when they think of Paul Mckenna, they instantly think about hypnotherapy and I know that a great many would pay for this book, look into it and lose interest in the strategies and applying them and just finish up listening to the CD. That is no good, the success with his approaches lie in realistically taking action with them and viewing the hypnotic CD like a booster. The CD alone will not change your life. Oh and you to definitely take action in all areas of your life. The author does not state that magic will occur out of thin air. He's all in all giving you the techniques that the extremely successful subconsciously utilise. He's teaching you these so that you are able to help yourself turn into what you long for to become.

Original Article URL:
Self Improvement. Only You May Make The Turn For The better

John has been producing articles via internet for quit some time now. Not only does this author specialize in self improvement, diet, health and fat loss, you can also check out his latest web page on
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